NYC Managers and Agents send their kids to ATNY for private audition coachings and audition tapings for television, film, stage and continued actor education.

New Actor Consultation Option!

Available on Skype Upon Request

Audition Tapings for Reels & Auditions

We’ll Email Audition Tapes to Casting Directors & Reps!

ATNY not only coaches Kids & Teens for Film, Television & Broadway Auditions, but we tape and email auditions the very same day. We can email the final audition piece to the right casting director in NYC or LA, your agent and/or manager and you within 30 minutes after the taped audition is complete. That’s quick. Enjoy professional lighting, editing, sound and director instruction from the initial slate to the final cut. We’ll do as many takes as necessary until we are satisfied with your audition quality.


  1. Please Bring a Copy of the script for ATNY.
  2. Extra clothing choices for camera selection.
  3. Please Memorize Audition Copy or be very familiar with it.
  4. Headshot and Specific Audition Taping Instructions, if applicable.