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Final Customized Casting Director & Agent Showcases

6-Week TV/Film On-Camera Intensives for Young Professionals

Saturdays, April 14th - May 19th (No Classes Memorial Day Weekend)
Sundays, April 15th - May 20th (No Classes Memorial Day Weekend)

Register for 1-Class, 2-Classes or Full Day Young Actor Weekly Intensive!
Final Week: Industry Showcase Agents/Casting Directors Included

**Actors may use opposite weekend day should a conflict arise. Any make up days may also be used at any point in the summer.

NYC's Top Youth TV/Film On-Camera Programs for Professional Actors. ATNY Boasts the highest number of new representations and bookings for kids and teens. We're close and speak with NY's finest agents and managers on a daily basis. The weather will be excitingly awesome as will the programs. Our class options are flexible, but best to enjoy the full day experience with us. We'll culminate in a Top NYC Industry Showcase for our Kids, so let us prepare you as you have the best learning experience and time of your life.

*Classes are Automatically discounted when you register for Multi-Class Days.
Parents May Purchase an ATNY Youth Membership for 10% immediate discount. Multi-Sibling Discounts apply, 10% per actor.

Saturday or Sunday Registration Option
(Mature or Advanced 11 Yr. Olds may request Teens Option)
Advanced Acting Class for teens/adults at 1:30pm. Please consult ATNY.

11:00am - 12:30pm: Comedy Improvisation & Fearlessness
1:30pm - 3:00pm: On-Camera Scene Analysis & Meisner Technique (Beg/Adv)
3:00pm - 4:00pm: On-Camera TV/Film Audition Technique


Saturday or Sunday Registration Option.
(Mature or Advanced 11 Yr. Olds may request Teens Option)

11am - 12:30pm: On-Camera Scene and Meisner Technique
1:30pm - 3:00pm: Comedy Improvisation & Fearlessness (100% Fun)
3:00pm - 4:00pm: On-Camera TV/Film Audition Technique


TV TOTS (Non-Readers, AGES 4 - 6)
Sundays Only, 12:30pm - 1:30pm, *Separate section on website.
ATNY is offering a Musical Theatre Tots Class. *Separate section on website.


ATNY ACTORS may elect to register for 1, 2 or 3 class programs. We suggest you enjoy the full ATNY experience and stay for the day intensive. The final acting class is for serious actors and will greatly help our young actors focus on internalizing script and staying grounded within themselves. It will help their auditions big time.

IMPROVISATION FOR TV/FILM: We continue to explore text analysis, subtext and objective through constructive exercises. We learn how to incorporate a sense of play and truthfulness through improvisational games. A fun and core young actor class that builds both better skill and confidence by taking chances and relying on your spontaneity. A core class for acting and life.

ON-CAMERA SCENE & MEISNER TECHNIQUE: The strongest acting comes from within. Actors operate from within themselves. In short, they don't "act," they "live" each and every moment as they experience it. In the On-Camera Class, we'll stress the truthfulness and emotional fullness in their acting. We'll let them see how they're doing and judge for themselves the believability of their acting.

ADVANCED TEENS ACTING CLASS: Students will work on monologues while learning how to analyze a script, identify a character's problems and solve those problems. In addition, there will be further development of the actor's physical resources of voice and movement. Explore characters and relationships on a deeper level. In this class, students will learn to further articulate the essential elements of a character's objectives, obstacles, conflicts and relationships. (This class is Saturdays or Sundays, 1:30pm - 3pm. We open it up to adults as well. Serious Actors Only.)

MEISNER TECHNIQUE: You're not too young to learn how to react honestly to what's coming at you. Acting is not about the lines, rather, about what you're getting from the other person. In this hour, through exercise and copy, serious young actors will strengthen their knowledge and ability big time. It's a straight acting class, it will help your auditions big time.

AUDITION TECHNIQUE FOR TV/FILM: Many kids are good actors, but do not give good auditions. Inasmuch, many simply don't make the correct choices to strengthen their audition prowess. In this exciting class, young actors will learn the dynamics of script analysis, timing, playing the opposite, set up and punch, as well as how to see the specific moments the writers have set up in the script. You'll also learn how best to use eyeliner and camera. A definite must. (If you've registered for 1 or 2 previous classes, this class becomes greatly reduced in price, making it a complete no brainer).

REGISTRATION: Includes Final Weekend Showcase Day.
(Ask for a Youth Membership, take 10% Off below prices)

Full Day Young Actor Intensive: 1,245 (69/class) / 1,120 Members
2-Class Program: 875 (72/class) / 787 Members
Singular Classes: 445 (74/class) / 401 Members

*Conflicts? Use opposite day or in summer time.
**Deposits Required to Reserve. Payment Plans by request.

Actor Audits (Non-Participation): Always Free
Participating Audits: 75 per class. 195 per day.

VENUE: Pearl Studios: 500 8th Avenue, 4th Floor, NYC
917.763.1777, Call ATNY for details & Information.

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