Adults Act & Audition Scenes & Monologue Week Showcase Finale!


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All Levels, We'll Get you Audition Ready.

Scene and Monologue Strengthening for All Adult Actors, 16 & Up
9 Week Showcase or 5-Week Honing Option, Final Adult Agent Class Day

Saturdays, January 26th - March 24th, Noon - 1:30pm
Sundays, January 27th - March 25th, 1:30 - 3pm

Pearl Studios, 519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor

These classes are designed to propel the adult actor into a state of awareness and depth when working with a fellow actor in a scene. A role analysis is something that is prepared by an actor to give them a greater understanding of their character within the context of the whole play and within particular scenes. It’s like a road map of the character’s life and requires you to draw on your own to make it believable and convincing. The actor utilizes their dialogue and interactions to help form a picture of their character which they can then use to physicalise the character and make offers. In this series of classes, young talent will discover an inner life that will enrich the character in each monologue. With one of ATNY's most pedigreed coaches, we'll take our time to make sure you own the right monologue and fully understand the richness of your character and inner life.

This specific class is designed to build on the actor’s existing set of skills and take training to the next level. Actors will get a sense of character depth and intensive script analysis, as you prepare to showcase your final scenes at the end of the program. Students pair up with each other and work on scenes of their choice. Typically, students rehearse a scene, put it up in class, receive an adjustment, re-rehearse the scene with the adjustment in mind outside of class, and present the scene a second a time. We suggest you pick a scene partner you can either get together with outside of class, skype or FaceTime, as you prepare your work.

REGISTRATION: Friendly Payment Plans by Request
9-Week Saturdays, $595
5-Weeks, Includes Agent Night, $325
1-Class Participation, $75

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Just $75. Strong Education for the Acting Adult.

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Full Program

Cost: $595
Single Class

Cost: $75