Adults & Higher Teens Monologue/Scene Internalize/Personalize Ages 15 & Up!

January 25

7:00 PM
Thursdays! Power Your Auditions with Stronger Internals. Showcase.

Adults & Higher Teens Drama/Comedy Scene Final Industry Showcase

January 27

1:30 PM
Saturday, Sunday, Thursday Choose the Day that works best for you! Ages 16 & Up!

5-Film Legit Agents w/Top Casting Director Ages 15 - 99 Years.

February 20

6:00 PM
Written Feedback & Tapes Provided. Bring Mono's or Scenes. Tapes Provided.

2-Wk Showcase Class Agent & Cast Dir Ages 15 - Adults

March 12

6:30 PM
ATNY provides Comedy/Drama Scenes. Huge Industry!

Coachings/Tapings By Appt Same Day Delivery, All Ages.

June 1

1:00 PM
Need to be coached or taped? Call ATNY...NYC Agents do. By Appt, 917.763.1777