Victorious Star "Sinjin" Comedy Improv & Scene Special Kids Workshop!

August 19

2:00 PM
MEET NICK STAR, MIKEY REID! Improvisation & On-Camera Intensives. All Ages, Just $79.

SUMMER KIDS CRUISE Open to Kids/Families Aug 28th - Sept 2nd!

August 28

12:00 PM
Open to all Kids & Parents. Canada/New England & Back! HOLLYWOOD TALENT JUDGE

Long Island Workshop Top TV/Film Workshop Top NY Manager, 7 - 19

September 9

12:00 PM
Meet Top TV/Film/Broadway Youth Manager! All Actors & Singers!

Hollywood Cast Director Harriet Greenspan CSA Sat. 21st or Sun. 22nd

October 21

10:00 AM
FALL SPECIAL! BIO: Mean Girls, Scooby Doo, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Disney.

Membership Discounts 10% Off Everything for 1-Year, Starting Now!

August 31

9:00 AM
GREAT DISCOUNT OPTION for families! Good for all Classes, Workshops, Summer Options.