High School and College Prep

At ATNY we give our students the insight, foundations and confidence required to be the best version of themselves when pursuing their artistic endeavors. Together, as we go through the transforming experiences from beginner, to seasoned, to advanced, we do not only evolve as actors, but as accomplished individuals.

Our commitment extends beyond the realm of what our own classes have to offer. Many of our students pursue applications and successfully represent the ATNY family in performing arts high schools and in colleges and universities all over the country.

If you are auditioning as part of an application to an academic drama/theater arts program, ATNY will help you prepare to ensure that you become the strongest candidate that you can be. Our comprehensive prep courses will be tailored to your schedule, as you work with our top expert coaches in order to effectively understand, internalize and bring your monologues to life.

Call or email us for questions and additional information.

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