1-Hour Dramatic Series Audition Tapes w/ Judy Keller Casting & Kate Geller Casting (Submit Tapes Ahead of Workshop)

Age 7 - 17
Wednesday, Apr 12 - Apr 12
7:00pm - 8:30pm EST
Online 89.00

*Submit a Taped audition ahead of the workshop.  2-Top Drama Casting directors will watch and give comments to your submission.  

There’s more actors than you can imagine auditioning for dramas.  But, you’re one.  What do you need to see in script that will make your audition different?  How do you play a role that makes the producer take notice?  Zoom has made the landscape more competitive.  Auditioning taped submissions have done the same.  In this workshop, you’ll have 2 Top Drama Series Casting Houses that will review your tapes and give you critical information as to what they and producers are looking for…..so, treat this as a real audition and submit to ATNY ahead of the workshop!

For hospital dramas, there are obvious differences between Grey’s Anatomy, New Amsterdam, and The Good Doctor, which means you’re going to interpret each one differently.  If you’re reading for a courtroom drama, How To Get Away With Murder is different than The Good Wife, which is different from Suits.  Government drama? Homeland is a pressure cooker show that deals with life, death, and political plots that mirror what’s happening in the world. The Blacklist is also dramatic, but its sarcastic leading man allows for humor.

If you were going to read for Scandal, you would certainly want to understand that the dialogue is Shakespearian or Greek Tragedy-esque—there’s a rhythm and a style to it.  Period dramas like Downton Abbey required actors to make choices with the language and physicality since the plots are fictional, whereas The Crown deals with historical figures and events.When it comes to superhero shows, know the difference between Doom Patrol, the more lighthearted Hawkeye, and the more stylized Moon Knight.

Before any audition, it’s crucial to figure out how your character fits the theme and tone of the show. Think about Stranger Things. Yes, it’s set in the recent past, but it also has elements of fantasy, horror, and adventure, all of which would color an audition to include a sense of urgency.

When you audition, you are in the world where the story takes place. In this workshop, together with our special Casting Director guests Judy Keller, Judy Keller Casting, and Ross Shenker, Kate Geller Casting, we will help you understand the tone of a show and how you can truly immerse yourself in its world in order for a casting director to choose you over the dozens of other actors auditioning for the same role.  Make your audition choices.  They will take it from there!

Top Casting Director Guests: 

Judy Keller Casting specializes in casting both union and non-union voice-over and on-camera talent for major national network commercials and works with the top Advertising Agencies domestically and internationally. Judy’s company casts talent for TV, Film, radio, industrials, new media, animation and print advertising.  Since 1998, Judy Keller has worked on Independent Feature films as both a Producer and Casting Director. Judy is proud to have worked on “Everything’s Jake” starring Ernie Hudson, Debbie Allen, Lou Rawls and Phyllis Diller, which took home the Best Film Award from both The Santa Barbara Film Festival and The Big Apple Festival in New York. Her affiliation with Red Line Films brought them two Emmy Awards for the docudrama film “Cinderella Man” and 4 Emmy nods for the docudrama “The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar.”

Kate Geller Casting is a New York City based Casting House for film, television, and theater. Ross Shenker is currently an Associate Casting Director at Kate Geller Casting (BRAZEN on Netflix, SHIVA BABY, NINE DAYS, DON’T THINK TWICE), where his primary focus is on dramatic feature films and narrative podcasts.  Recent/upcoming film credits include: OUT OF ORDER! (Priority Films), CORA BORA (Almanor, LAMF, Neon Heart), MOLLI & MAX IN THE FUTURE (Whiskey Bear, Senior Post), and THE FRONT ROOM (A24, 2AM, Two & Two). He worked at the Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) for 3 years in their Comedy Talent, TV Talent, and MP Talent Departments where he covered studios and networks such as CBS, Sony, and Netflix. He has also worked for Warner Brothers, Innovative Artists Agency, and Affirmative Entertainment.

*Please submit your audition tape after you register.  If you don’t have an actual audition tape, you may use a dramatic scene of choice.  Casting directors will watch and review your tape in the zoom with you and workshop attendees.  

1-Hour Dramatic Series Audition Tapes w/ Judy Keller Casting & Kate Geller Casting (Submit Tapes Ahead of Workshop)
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Wednesday Starting Apr 12, 2023
1 Day, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST

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