TV/Film Comedy & Dramatic Characters

Age 7-17
Monday, Jul 06 - Jul 10
Monday, Aug 10 - Aug 14
10:00am - 3:00pm
Online. Stay at Home!
*Camp  prices are discounted 30% for Online Camps, and you have 5-Day or 3-Day Options; With 5-Day Weekly Camps, Saturdays are a free optional inclusion! Weekday Camps are 10am – 3pm, with intermittent breaks from the computer.
 Monday July 6th – Friday, July 10th

Working towards becoming the character is an essential part of an actor’s process, no matter how experienced. It involves creating and internalizing the details of your character’s life. These details can range from personality traits, to history and family background, to even the most mundane details like favorite color or favorite food. The more thought that an actor gives their character, the easier it is to “stay in character” throughout a scene. Our Comedic & Dramatic Character class focuses on those steps we take towards an accurate portrayal of our character, without falling into the “performance trap” of changing the inflection of our voice or our body language, because there’s a theatrical urge to force the feeling rather than allow it to develop organically as the script unfolds. You’ll learn to ask more questions and get more specific in your monologue and scene work.

  • Teen Camps & Kid Camps Division
  • 3-Day Camp (Any 3-Days), $495
  • 1-Day Drop-Ins, $175
  • Subsequent Saturdays are FREE for 5-Day campers.

Classes Include: Comedic Monologue & Character Study, Improvisation/Spontaneity, Nick/Disney Scenes, Commercial/Voice Overs, Audition Technique.

  • West Coast Actors Schedule: Noon – 5pm EST!

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TV/Film Comedy & Dramatic Characters
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Monday Starting Jul 06, 2020
5 Days, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Monday Starting Aug 10, 2020
5 Days, 10:00am - 3:00pm
  • 48-Hour Workshop Cancellation Policy. Should you not be able to attend, we need notice to have the ability to fill your seat. Please review ATNY Policies & Disclaimers on our homepage.
  • West Coast Actors Schedule: Noon – 5pm EST!
  • For inquiries, call 917-763-1777
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