Free Agent Showcase Auditions

Age 4-25
Wednesday, Jul 28 - Jul 28
7:00pm - 8:00pm EST (Audition)
Online. Free

Can you feel the wave of change?  ATNY has provided free workshops and educational events pre-Covid and helped an incredible amount of young talent gain representation and training. Now, we’re offering something new: Free Industry Showcases for All.  That’s right, NEVER pay for an industry showcase or meet again.  If you’re currently forking out $$$ for an opportunity to meet industry, it’s time to stop.

We believe you should not pay additional monies, extra monies or any monies to have the opportunity to further your career.  ATNY will be providing consistent industry showcases for young talent, ages 4 – 25.  We will rotate Bi-Coastal Agents and Managers in our effort to help you further your career.

Note:  ATNY will select talent that we believe are ‘market worthy’ right now. We know you’re talented and beautiful, but we need to be sure there’s a demand for your type, for industry to jump at you. You may do a monologue (no longer than 1 minute), and/or 16 bars of a song of choice.  Also, if you have a special skill worth noting, speak a foreign language or if there’s something that stands out and makes you ‘different’, we’re interested. Kindly, no phone calls or requests for special treatment. We love you a thousand times over, but we’ll need to select just a few.


  • AUDITION DATE: July 28th, 7PM – 8PM EST.

AT THE AUDITION: Kindly hang tight in the waiting room until you’re called.  You may come at 7pm EST or 7:30pm EST, to avoid waiting.  We’ll monitor actors to see how long we’ll need to audition, and extend hours if necessary.

  • SHOWCASE DATE: Moved to August 9th, 7PM – 8PM EST.

AT THE SHOWCASE: By invite only. ATNY will bring Top Agents your way. Be in a quiet room with a strong internet connection, make sure you are well-lit and ready to either perform a monologue or sing. If invited only, kindly email ATNY your headshot and resume ahead of time.


Final note:  This process is completely free.  It’s meant to benefit the young actor.  It’s also meant to vet young talent for the benefit of industry who are looking for marketable talent.  If not chosen, we invite you to audition again.  ATNY Free Showcases will be continuous ongoing event.  Free Youth Agent Showcases at ATNY!

Free Agent Showcase Auditions
Select a date to begin:
Wednesday Starting Jul 28, 2021
1 Day, 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST (Audition)

For inquiries, call 917-763-1777.

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