On-Camera Naturalism/Realism

Age 12-18
Saturday, Sep 26 - Dec 05
Sunday, Sep 27 - Dec 06
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Online! 595.00

Whether it be serious or comedic, learning how to resist the urge of performance is something most actors need to continually hone. The camera doesn’t lie, and if you do, you won’t be believable. In this class, our goal is to get you to be the authentic and natural you. There’s no audience, so there’s no one to play to.  You’ll live in a state of ‘being’ each and every moment, without anticipation of the next. Be real. Real is relatable. Real gets callbacks. Elevate your audition level by being comfortable with being truthful in front of the camera and making meaningful eye-contact. In this class, students learn to incorporate a sense of self, and let go of all things performance, and over-the-top theatrical and artificial mannerisms. Make the camera mark your comfort zone! No “performing” arts.

Industry Showcase (included w/ 10-Week Registrants).

On-Camera Naturalism/Realism
  •   6-Week Honing Program

>> You choose the weeks. Stay Honed. Does Not Include Industry Showcase.

  • Call us to learn more: 917-763-1777
  • No classes Thanksgiving Day Weekend
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