MONDAYS - TV/Film Act & Audition Technique

Age 16+
Monday, Jan 29 - Apr 08
7:00pm - 8:30pm EST
Online 645.00

When actors try to ‘act’, they are not interesting.  However, when they learn to listen, explore and allow themselves to become affected by what’s coming at them, they are simply fascinated.

Whether it’s a scene or a monologue, On-Camera, the delivery needs to be organic. It needs to be honest and real. Even when telling a real-life personal story, as soon as we’re aware that there’s a camera or an audience, we’ll fall into the “performance trap” of changing the inflection of our voice or our body language, because there’s a theatrical urge to force the feeling rather than allow it to develop organically as the script unfolds.  Let’s take away the ‘presentation’ element together, and learn to focus externally.  Don’t worry about how you feel, keep your focus simple.

Real is relatable. Real gets callbacks. Elevate your audition level by being comfortable with being truthful in front of the camera and making meaningful eye-contact. In this class, students learn to incorporate a sense of self, and let go of all things performance, and over-the-top theatrical and artificial mannerisms. Make the camera mark your comfort zone! No “performing” arts here.  It’s all about subtly and naturalism.

MONDAYS - TV/Film Act & Audition Technique
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Monday Starting Jan 29, 2024
10 Weeks, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST
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