ATNY's Advanced Broadway Performance Prep NYC w/ Final Presentation

Age 7 - 17
Sunday, Feb 11 - Apr 14
11:00am - 12:30pm
Pearl Studios
519 8th Avenue, 12th Fl
New York, NY 10018

The TONY-Award winning Producers of Broadway’s Sweeney Todd are about to take you on a breathtaking roller-coaster ride through Broadway performance that is UNEQUALLED anywhere on the planet.

The proof is on the stage.

As a result of their instruction, actor after actor from ATNY has gone on to major Broadway and National Tour productions.

Broadway performers are AMAZING.

Right? Did they just walk onto a stage that way? NO. They learned by DOING; by acting with other Broadway performers; by immersing themselves in the scenes & songs; and by getting advanced, INFORMED direction from current industry professionals while making adjustments in real time. They were NOT stuck in the same old run-of-the-mill kids’ programs you find on every street corner.

You don’t perform like a professional unless you’re treated and taught like a professional.

Too many “classes” have the performer just sit or stand there while the instructor drones on and on about their methods. Or they have the participants run around in circles like toddlers, saying anything and learning nothing, just to say that the kids “had fun”. Not only is that not at all exciting or inspiring, but these formats don’t get true acting & performance into their brains & bones. They must get on their firmly planted feet and live it, over and over, embodying their characters, reacting to other actors, finding new rhythms, leaping beyond their own boundaries, and relaxing enough to have an absolute BLAST while doing it!

No matter your current level of performance – you will find yourself rising higher and higher. Through stacked vocals, advanced choreography from current Broadway professionals, intense & interactive scene-work from award winning Directors, focused theatre games & improv, and individually targeted exercises, your journey will, without a doubt, be an unforgettable adventure.

This series will culminate in a funny, moving, and powerful final Performance Presentation.

“The greatest gift in the universe is when you don’t even realize how hard you’re working because of how much fun you’re having.”

Broadway Academy Intensive – Scenes, Songs, Characters, Choreography, Performance.

ATNY's Advanced Broadway Performance Prep NYC w/ Final Presentation
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Sunday Starting Feb 11, 2024
9 Weeks, 11:00am - 12:30pm
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