Tweens: TV/Film Act & Audition Technique: Naturalism & Realism
(11-12 Yrs)

Age 10-12
Saturday, Apr 22 - Jun 10
Sunday, Apr 23 - Jun 11
Ripley Grier Studios
520 8th Ave (36/37th St) 16th Fl
New York, NY 10018

An in-between age group, some might want to join Kids and some Teens.  So, ATNY is now giving this age group a class of their own!  It’s our way of keeping quality and fun learning.  (Please know, we reserve the right to place tween actors in specific kids or teens if necessary)!

Acting is a craft in and of itself, as many actors begin on stage in early years.  Then, the on camera acting bug hits most.  In this class series, our tween actors will continue with the fundamentals of honing the craft, as well as the subtlety of camera.  You’ll see how the camera picks up everything, from the slight to the obvious mannerisms.  This class is perfect for those in this age group who wish to continue to learn the dynamics of honest and interesting acting, and how it plays on camera.

All acting needs to be honest and real, regardless of genre. Even when telling a real-life personal story, as soon as we’re aware that there’s a camera or an audience, we’ll fall into the “performance trap” of changing the inflection of our voice or our body language, because there’s a theatrical urge to force the feeling rather than allow it to develop organically as the script unfolds.  We suddenly become conscious of an ‘audience.’  We get in our heads, which get in our own way.

Concepts: Objective.  The pursuit of objective.  Intention.  How your intention changes.  Scene Partner.  Meisner Technique.  You don’t change.  You allow your scene partner to change you.  Transition.  Silence.  Focus.  Observation.  (We encourage improvisation incorporation).

Real is relatable. Real gets callbacks.  Elevate your audition level by being comfortable with being truthful in front of the camera and making meaningful eye-contact. In this class, students learn to incorporate a sense of self, and let go of all things performance, and over-the-top theatrical and artificial mannerisms. Make the camera mark your comfort zone.

Tweens: TV/Film Act & Audition Technique: Naturalism & Realism
(11-12 Yrs)
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Saturday Starting Apr 22, 2023
7 Weeks, 1:30pm-3:00pm
Sunday Starting Apr 23, 2023
7 Weeks, 1:30pm-3:00pm
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