On-Camera TV/Film Act & Audition Class

Age 7-17
Saturday, Jun 27 - Aug 22
11:00am - 12:30pm
Online. Stay at Home. 75.00

Saturdays, June 27th – August 22nd, Register By the Class! 

*We know summer Saturdays are hard to predict, but it’s Covid Time, and you probably aren’t going anywhere.  So, we are thrilled to have you.  We kindly request you register each week, by the class, if you’re not part of a 5-Day Summer Camp. (If you are, no need to register).

Whether it’s their first time in front of the camera or they already have some on-set experience under their belts, young talent will always be influenced by the shows they see on TV, or by whatever goes viral on a seemingly daily basis. This can often mislead them into thinking that hamming it up for the camera is more entertaining than being truthful and organic in your expression.

Our On-Camera TV/Film Saturdays class explores the fundamentals of honest and truth-centered acting through a variety of comedic and dramatic monologues and scenes. We work on the basics of dissecting a script, identifying beats, transitions and operative words, in order to infuse passion to what we say, rather than blandly recite it. We’ll explore the different genres of serious vs. comedic acting, all based in truth and understanding of moments.

We take a gradual approach towards internalizing the scripted copy in such way that the actors aren’t just talking to the camera, but actually reaching through the lens and making meaningful connections. A must for auditioning actors!

  • All Ages.  Divided if demand warrants division.
  • No class Independence Day weekend, July 4th.
  • Saturday is Free/Optional for 5-Day campers preceding each Saturday.
On-Camera TV/Film Act & Audition Class
Select a date to begin:
Saturday Starting Jun 27, 2020
8 Weeks , 11:00am - 12:30pm
  • 48-Hour Workshop Cancellation Policy. Should you not be able to attend, we need notice to have the ability to fill your seat. Please review ATNY Policies & Disclaimers on our homepage.
  • No class Independence Day Weekend, July 4th.
  • For inquiries, call 917-763-1777
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