Private TV/Film Virtual Workshop
Serendipity Kids Only

Age 7 - 17
Saturday, Apr 10 - Apr 10
Saturday, May 01 - May 01
3:00pm - 5:00pm EST
Online. 95.00

In this private workshop for Serendipity Kids only, ATNY will warm you up with 30 minutes of improvisation.  As you know, having the ability to think quick and trust your instincts is crucial to any actor. Then, we’ll move on to TV/Film acting.  More specifically, how can you help your auditions and tapings. Understanding naturalism, realism, and how to break down a script is essential.

And, we’ve all learned the importance of good tape submissions. ATNY will invite parents to take part in the final 20 minutes of this workshop to ask questions in regards to acting, auditioning, proper self-tapes, what casting directors want to see and any further questions you may have.   This should be an eye opening experience for you. We’ll provide copy for you or you can bring a monologue of your own.

*You may register for either day, or both.  It’s continued training, so why not?  Gabby will join us on each day to see her kids.  For those coming to both, you’ll have prepared copy for the 2nd workshop on May 1st.

ABOUT Actors Technique NY: ATNY is the leading TV/Film Act & Audition School in NYC for Kids & Teens.  Now in its 18-year, classes are offered to industry kids throughout the year, including summer camps.  We encourage you to take a look at Spring, Summer and soon to be announced Fall Programs. Todd Etelson is a Backstage Youth Expert, with many published articles for parents of young actors.  As a 30-year industry veteran, he’s now one of the go to acting coaches for agents and managers to help educate and further the careers of young talent.

Private TV/Film Virtual Workshop
Serendipity Kids Only
Select a date to begin:
Saturday Starting Apr 10, 2021
1 Day, 3:00pm - 5:00pm EST
Saturday Starting May 01, 2021
1 Day, 3:00pm - 5:00pm EST
  • 48-Hour Workshop Cancellation Policy. Should you not be able to attend, we need notice to have the ability to fill your seat. Please review ATNY Policies & Disclaimers on our homepage.
  • For inquiries, call 917-763-1777
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