Marketing Reel Preparation Camp

Age 7-17
Monday, Jul 20 - Jul 24
10:00am - 3:00pm
Online. Stay Home. 650.00
*YOU DON’T HAVE TO NEED A REEL to be apart of this Comprehensive TV/Film Act & Audition Camp Week.  It’s a great On-Camera Week for all actors, regardless!  If you’re looking to update or get a reel, ATNY will give the extra focus on casting you with the proper material, and help you select the diversification to show off your skills.  It’s an added bonus to the the regular TV/Film Week!  So, whether you would like to update or start a reel or not, this week will be REELY GREAT!    

Monday, July 20th – Friday, July 24th

Serious actors need a marketing reel.  You may not have booking clips that show off your skills and marketability.   In this week, we’ll help you put together the right materials that market your acting strengths.  By week’s end, you’ll have a diversification of material and acting genre to put together a comprehensive reel that shows off your talent.  This week is not just for those who seek a new or modified reel, but for all talent.  Classes during this week will continue to be educational and prepare you in acting and audition technique. Parents will be included briefly for an educational hour, as we know you’ll be the force behind your talented child.

  • Teen Camps & Kid Camps Division
  • 3-Day Camp (Any 3-Days), $495
  • 1-Day Drop-Ins, $175
  • Subsequent Saturdays are FREE for 5-Day campers.

Classes Include:  1 Minute Monologues, 1 Page Scenes, Improvisation, Meisner Technique, Casting Director Audition Technique, Informational Session for Parents/Actors.

View ATNY’s Summer Schedule Here!

Marketing Reel Preparation Camp
Select a date to begin:
Monday Starting Jul 20, 2020
5 Days, 10:00am - 3:00pm
  • Feel free to contact ATNY With Questions, 917.763.1777
  • West Coast Actors Schedule: Noon – 5pm EST!
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