TV/Film On-Camera Act & Audition

Age 7-17
Monday, Aug 03 - Aug 07
10:00am - 3:00pm
Online. Stay at Home.
*It’s looking like online camps will be our Summer and we got you covered!  The price is discounted 30% for Online Camps, and you have 5-Day or 3-Day Options; With 5-Day Weekly Camps, Saturdays are a free optional inclusion!  Weekday Camps are 10am – 3pm, with intermittent breaks from the computer.  

Monday June 29th – Friday July 3rd (Saturday Free to 5-Day Campers)

It’s what we do best.  Whether serious or comedic, learning how to resist the urge of performance is something most actors need to continually hone, with new scripts and scene partners. The camera doesn’t lie, and if you do, you won’t be believable. Our goal is to get you to be the authentic and natural you, without the push. You’ll live in a state of ‘being’ each and every moment, without anticipation of the next. Elevate your audition level by being comfortable with being truthful in front of the camera and making meaningful eye-contact. Students learn to incorporate a sense of self, and let go of all things performance, and over-the-top theatrical and artificial mannerisms. 

  • Weekly 5-Day Teen Camps & Kid Camps, $650 
  • 3-Day Camps (Any 3-Days), $495
  • 1-Day Drop-In Days, $175
  • *Subsequent Saturdays are FREE for 5-Day campers.

Classes Include:  Improvisation, Scene Study (comedic & dramatic), Monologue & Character Study, Meisner Technique, Commercial/Voice-Over Study, Nick/Disney Scripts, Audition Technique.

  • West Coast Actors Schedule: Noon – 5pm EST!

View ATNY’s Summer Schedule Here!

TV/Film On-Camera Act & Audition
Select a date to begin:
Monday Starting Aug 03, 2020
5 Days, 10:00am - 3:00pm
  • ATNY will include later classes for Online Campers living in Western Time Zones.
  • For inquiries, call 917-763-1777
  • West Coast Actors Schedule: Noon – 5pm EST!
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