Test Product- Dennis

Age 7 - 18
Sunday, Feb 09 - Mar 15
3:30pm - 5:30pm
Pearl Studios
519 8th Avenue (35/36 Street)
12th Floor, NY 10018

Live, from New York, it’s ATNY’s Sketch Comedy Performance! 

Don’t miss this fun-filled creative sketch comedy workshop!

In this special 6-week workshop (5-week rehearsals + 1 Performance), you will work with ATNY’s top comedy instructors Alex and Mikey to create and rehearse a series of SNL style short comedy sketches. The 5-week rehearsals will culminate into a final live performance in the first week of March at an NYC theater for friends and family.

With shows like All That on Nickelodeon and Just Roll With It on Disney, sketch comedy is an essential skill for young actors. Being able to perform unique and specific characters is necessary for any child looking to work on a multi-cam sitcom on Disney or Nick. This workshop also teaches a young performer how to stay active, present, and reacting in a live theater show. In live comedy anything can happen, and the ability to stay engaged and perform with presence and authority is a skill that translates into any medium of acting, whether it be TV, film or any form o comedy.

If selected, you will be notified, upon which time you will be required to submit the workshop registration fee. Kids and Teens alike are encouraged to audition, as the sketches and characters will be developed based on age.

This is a 6-Week Series by audition.

Location: Simple Studios – 134 West 29th St. 2nd Floor
Wednesday, January 15th: 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Saturday, January 18th: Noon – 2:00pm

FOR THE AUDITION: 2 page, character driven sketches will be provided prior to the audition. In addition, please prepare two original characters, and two celebrity impersonations. Though you may bring a small prop to enhance your performance, don’t feel the need to show up in costume fully transformed. We’re just looking to see the energy, the fun in the character, and the attention to the impersonation’s traits and mannerisms.

Test Product- Dennis
  • For inquiries, call 917-763-1777
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