NJ: TV/Film On Camera w/AI Scripts. Final Bi-Coastal Agent & Manager Showcase NYC

Age 7 - 17
Friday, May 03 - Jun 14
Gary Stevens Martial Arts Studio
One Main Street (at Train Station)
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

TV/Film On Camera with AI Scripts: Attacking the Audition!

It’s here.  Like it or not, there will be scripts that begin with AI, then go to writing teams to customize and finish, to add the human touch.  In this 6-Week Class Series, we’ll do the same!  We’ll begin with AI scripts, then give the actor the ability to amend the writing to personalize the copy.

We’ll see what actors do when handed copy, to how you break down the script and analyze the scene and what choices you make.  You get to choose the genre that works best for you, whether comedy or dramatic.  This is going to be fun, as you pick the genre and given circumstances!

You need to give a casting director something different.  They see so many, and it’s your job to understand and nail that first moment.  It’s also your job to not audition the cookie cutter idea of the scene.  Let’s see how far you can stretch with your imagination, as we learn together how to see copy and moments differently. We strongly recommend the improvisation class following this one for actors who are still ‘in their heads’ and need to trust their immediate instinct more.

NO CLASSES WEEKEND OF MAY 31ST.  Final 7th Week Showcase in June

We’ll limit the size of this class, so register early.  Let your friends know we’re in Glen Rock!

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NJ: TV/Film On Camera w/AI Scripts. Final Bi-Coastal Agent & Manager Showcase NYC
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