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ATNY has been privately coaching and taping adult and youth actors for years. Our clients come from the most prestigious agents and managers in New York City. We provide audition tapings, marketing reels and private coaching by appointment.

Just have your lines down, and come prepared. We'll do the rest. We've had great success. Many of our actors have gained bookings, callbacks and representation through us. We'll tape until we're satisfied with the quality of the submission.

And, the turnaround time is quick! We'll have your tape to your agents or Casting Director in New York or Los Angeles same day, with a copy sent directly to you!


Private Coaching Prices:
1 hour private coaching is now: $175
30 minute private coaching is now: $90

Audition Taping & Reel Prices:
Audition Taping w/ATNY Coaching: $175, includes Coaching
*Actor Marketing Reels: $195 includes Coaching

* If you have video of past bookings or others you’d like to include on your reel, please forward to us ahead of time for evaluation.

Before Your Taping Session

Audition Taping Instructions:
1) Have copy MEMORIZED or be very familiar with copy.
2) Bring a copy of your script for ATNY with specific SLATING INSTRUCTIONS.
3) Bring extra clothing choices for camera selection.
4) Please let us know if you’d like your AGENT or MANAGER phone on reel.
5) Provide headshot, if applicable.

Additional Coaching

If you need an additional coaching session before the taping session, please let us know ahead of time. We can add an additional Zoom or in-person session. The coaching time during the taping sessions are meant to be constructive material tweaking sessions for the actor. We assume you have the fundamentals of acting down if you’re already auditioning.

If you need more fundamental time, please let us know. We’ll Zoom or extend our session to get you a stronger tape. The quality of the audition begins with the actor, so please be audition-ready.

Cancellation Policy

Respectfully, cash payments for coachings and audition tapings will be collected at the time of appointment. Should you need to cancel or postpone, we ask for 1-day notice. ATNY books its rooms ahead of time and are responsible for venue pay regardless. Should you CANCEL same day for any reason, ATNY respectfully charges 50% cancellation fee.


    ATNY will follow up with a call to
    schedule your appointment

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