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How to Choose an Online Acting Class for Your Child

In these times now more than ever, actors are turning to online means to keep themselves honed as they prepare to come out on the other side ready to hit the ground running. So with so many schools now shifting to the online model, here are some basic criteria for choosing the right place for your child actor.

The Need for Speed

Coping with lulls of the auditioning process where you feel your child isn’t “getting out there enough” or the booking rates just aren’t what you expected them to be is a very common and understandable annoyance. But by changing your outlook on the auditioning process, you can begin to enter it with the right frame of mind.

How A Coach Can Help With Your Young Actor’s Self-Tape

Any audition is an opportunity. Increasingly, casting directors are requesting self taped submissions. It's imperative that you are on your game, even if taping at home. And, there are some important self tape auditioning tips that are imperative to understand.

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