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Like most ATNY Actors, you’re probably coming back for continued training. Even if you’re only periodic, you’ll be taking advantage of monthly workshops and other special events.

ATNY’s membership program is a way to help our actors save over the course of the year. At $145, if you register for our Full Day Young Actor Intensive in any given semester, you’re saving at the point of registration.

* Exclusions apply. Excludes Summer Cruise and private coaching/taping.

We kindly ask you register for the youth membership BEFORE signing up for classes. We don’t apply membership discounts retroactively, so go for it at sign up!

Membership does not renew automatically, so you’ll get the chance to see how much you save in the first year, then if you’re still loving us, we’ll keep you for another great year.

The 10% savings is automatically deducted at checkout.

1-Year Membership

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