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ATNY is known for being parent and actor friendly. We want you to love your experience with us and stay for years to come. However, certain policies must be strictly enforced. Below is an outline of our policies. Should you have a special circumstance, please call us. We’re happy to give you the flexibility you need if we know ahead of registration.



Once you check the disclaimer box in the payment section upon registration, you acknowledge that you have authority to submit payment for services requested. You acknowledge that you are fully aware that ATNY has a strict ‘NO REFUNDS’ policy and that you are not entitled to a refund in whole or part for any reason, at any time, for any service provided. If installment plans are requested and agreed to by phone, ATNY will customize your payments with you and you are responsible for complete monies owed for any registered service, regardless of attendance or personal circumstance; in addition, you are responsible and give ATNY full authority to charge your credit card on file until full monies have been paid in full. You acknowledge that you have read and acknowledge this paragraph in full before submitting your registration for any service requested.



ATNY is a professional school for serious young actors. Many of our students are either currently auditioning or actively in pursuit of representation. As such, we know the bar is high. We’re up to it. However, if we find a circumstance where a student interrupts the integrity of the class with behavior issues, we’ll send the young actor to one of our staff members to educate them in regards to professionalism. If this behavior recurs, we reserve the right to excuse the actor from class that day or permanently, without refund, to preserve the integrity of the learning process. If your child has behavioral conditions or other issues, kindly let us know upon registration.



Though all of our classes are fun and much loved, certain days can sometimes be more popular than others. Whether the reasons are in regard to scheduling, commuting, or a common case of best friends refusing to split up, there have been times where the same class is busier one day than the other, due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of registrations, particularly with classes in the electives program. As such, classes may be subject to change to ensure the most productive learning (and teaching) environment for all our students.



We are always happy to help you. We love having you. Registration by PayPal on our website allows all families to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later.‘ You may put down a deposit immediately to reserve the seat, and pay every few weeks. ATNY is also happy to customize your payment plan to best fit your circumstance. We’ll ask you to put down a non-refundable deposit to reserve seating, then charge the credit card on file automatically every 2 weeks with an in kind monetary charge. Registration with payment plans does not alleviate your responsibility to pay in full. All monies will be charged regardless of attendance. Payment options include Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Cash.


Classes: We know schedules can get difficult and things happen; so, we stay parent friendly and flexible. Make up classes must be completed in same semester as that to which you’ve registered.  With ATNY approval, you may carry over missed 2 classes or days only, to the next semester only, including summer. ATNY does not prorate or discount classes financially to accommodate previously missed classes.
Workshops: Because there are limited seats in workshops, each workshop, without exception, is a ‘use it or lose it.’  There are no make up workshops permitted.  However, if you give ATNY written notice within 2 days of actual workshop that you cannot attend, we can attempt to fill your seat.  Then, and only then, you may receive future workshop credit, to last 6 months from date of registered workshop. Thank you for your understanding with this policy.



Many young talented actors come to ATNY to get an agent or manager, in hopes of beginning the auditioning process. Awesome, but it’s what we do. We work closely with most all reps in the city. However, we simply cannot guarantee representation. That’s out of our hands. We’ll never quit on you, but please know, it’s a business that takes time and sometimes it’s not fair. We ask you to not lose your passion and keep your eyes on your goals.

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