Our kids are constantly booking television & film and gaining agent & manager representation. Thus, they would be too many to list below. If you’d like to read the many letters we receive from parents speaking to the growth of confidence and talent, as well as our continued guidance and personalization, please inquire. We’d love to share those with you as well.

Here are a few of our Young Actor Success Stories:


Calling all ATNY students! Share your success story for a chance to see it promoted here on our website or in social media.


As Sick As They Made Us (w/ Dustin Hoffman , Candace Bergen , Dianna Agron)

When COVID shutdown the film industry, my new agent recommended I take an on camera class to keep up with my acting skills. I loved working on scenes with the teens over zoom! In the past month I booked two feature films in a row and working with ATNY helped me by keeping my skills sharp and my mind ready. I’m so excited to spend the summer shooting my first lead in a feature !!

Russian Doll (Netflix Series)
Role of Nora (Co-Star)

ATNY has brought so much joy into my life during the lonely days of the pandemic. I participated in the "Wonka Workshop"; was a member of the cast of "Newsies"; and now working on "Thirteen". I love improv class, and I've taken wonderful workshops with industry professionals. Todd's programming for professional kids is just the right mix of training and fun, and I feel lucky to be a part of the ATNY family. I'm booking: voiceovers; commercials; and episodic television, and mom absolutely credits the skills I continue to learn at ATNY. I’ve met so many people through the online musicals, without "Newsies" and "Thirteen", I would’ve never met all of these kids, and made all these memories. I'm happy to call ATNY my studio.

The Blacklist - Season 8 (Costar)

ATNY is gentle with the growing minds of young talent. They are always just an email or phone call away and they are also very resourceful. Todd takes the time to personally speak with you about your child's goals and is highly respected by top agents. He is also transparent with costs and flexible with payments. He has been honest and goes above and beyond to make Victoria and all his students and their families satisfied.

Outer Banks (Netflix)
Boy Erased: A Memoir (Movie) with Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman
Stranger Things (Netflix)

I began taking classes at ATNY when I was 11 as a recommendation from my agent and loved it. Now, I am 22 and to this day keep in touch with Todd and ATNY. I’ve booked HBO’s Vice Principals, Netflix’s Stranger Things, my first feature, Boy Erased, with Russell Crowe and most importantly, my first lead in the Netflix series "Outer Banks."

Blue Bloods (CBS)

ATNY has shown me that you can't be scared to make mistakes. One important thing is to always be yourself. ATNY's improvisation class has taught me to be fearless, take risks and don't be afraid to take chances. Most importantly ATNY taught me to believe in myself.

The Genius of Play (PSA)

I love ATNY because they have really good acting classes and it’s professional. Todd is an amazing coach. He’s hilarious and he helps me get the jobs!
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