TV/Film On-Camera Act & Audition (Glen Rock): Final NYC Industry Showcase

Age : All Ages
Friday, Oct 06 - Dec 01
Gary Stevens Martial Arts Studio
One Main Street (at Train Station)
Glen Rock, NJ 07452
  • 8-Weeks in Glen Rock, Final 9th Week in NYC (Dec 10th Showcase Option)
  • No Class Thanksgiving Day Weekend.

This class is open to all ages and levels.  Final 9th Session Agent & Manager Showcase in NYC. No Classes Thanksgiving Weekend.  IF you are cast in Newsies for the Fall, you may take this class; please put ‘ATNY TV/Film Class’ on conflict sheet that will be passed out, so the director is aware.  

If you’ve never had a TV/Film On Camera Class or need to learn the genre, this is for you. A perfect class for young talent who wish to have a TV/Film career and/or musical theatre talent wanting both.  In this class, each student will learn from monologue and scene study.  You’ll have a choice of comedy and/or dramatic material. Together, we’ll prepare for final showcase day in New York City.

Up to this point, you’ve learned that acting is about performance.  As a musical theatre artist, you play to the audience.  This class is the opposite.  There is no audience.  In fact, the audience is irrelevant.   Your job is to have a simple focus.  Your scene partner.   Your focus will always be outside yourself, on something or someone external.  Through Meisner Technique exercises, inclusive of improvisation, you’ll also learn the art of spontaneous reaction.  Do you want to have fun with your acting?  Of course you do.  Then stop doing it the way you rehearsed.  Learn to live in the ‘now’ and instead of trying to make the scene something, simply allow it to become something on its own.  Allow yourself to be surprised by yourself.  Without effort, you’ll be more interesting and create memorable moments.

Todd Etelson, Bi-Coastal TV/Film Coach: Todd is one of NYC’s Top kids and teen On Camera acting coach, specializing in on-camera television, film, and audition technique.  In 2004, he founded Actors Technique NY (ATNY), a TV & Film school for serious young professional actors. He is responsible for helping hundreds of young talent gain initial representation and succeed in their budding and continued acting careers. He works closely with all of the top NYC agents, managers, and casting directors. His clients have boasted numerous major successes in network TV, film, and other commercial and stage projects, including Madeline Cline, Netflix -Outer Banks,  Cameron Ocasio Nick’s Sam & Cat, and a host of others.  He began his career working at Dick Clark Productions in Los Angeles on such hits as The Academy of Country Music Awards, Puttin’ on the Hits, and American Bandstand. His credits include numerous network television, film, and stage productions, as he continues to act and audition.

Concepts: The pursuit of objective.  Intention.  How your intention changes.  Scene Partner.  Meisner Technique.  You don’t change.  You allow your scene partner to change you.  Transition.  Silence.  Focus.  Observation.


TV/Film On-Camera Act & Audition (Glen Rock): Final NYC Industry Showcase
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  • 9th Showcase Class in NYC
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