'NEWSIES' Registrations
New Jersey Rehearsals

Age 7-19
Friday, Oct 13 - Jan 21
As Called
HeArt in Motion 995.00
*Your director is currently emailing actors.  Not all emails have gone out, so please be patient.  Three states of casting is not easy!  We are currently continuing to send out New Jersey offers, not done yet!  Due to Columbus Day Weekend on the 7th/8th, ATNY is honoring NJ Families who will be going away; thus, we will begin rehearsals the weekend of October 13th – 15th.


w/ TONY-Winning Producers and Broadway Team

Final Performances in January, New York City.

  • Directed and Choreographed by Current Broadway Professionals
  • Performed in NYC on Legendary stage in Broadway Theatre District
  • All Newsies can be portrayed as Any Gender
  • Top-Rated Professional Educational Program for Kids & Teens in the U.S.

Rehearsals will include all the elements of the Broadway process – non-pandering Direction at the highest level, innovative powerhouse Choreo, award winning Musical Direction, and targeted theatre exercises, character analysis, and improvisations – the most advanced and intensive Broadway-prep program ever.

If you’d like to be considered for this show at this point, we will invite you to callbacks in either NYC or NJ.  Please submit a Vocal Tape to Todd@ActorsTechniqueNY.com.


October through December 2023 – NY & CT, Saturday and Sunday afternoons; NJ, Friday (after school) & Sunday afternoons.  Only actors who are rehearsing scenes that day will be called for that day.  Conflict Sheets will be provided and honored.  All Holidays off.

Performance Dates/Tech Week:

New York City-based cast: Jan. 6th, 7th 

Connecticut-based cast: Jan. 13th, 14th

New Jersey-based cast: Jan. 20th, 21st

*Tech week encompasses 4 days before performance weekend, approx, 4pm – 8pm-ish.

Cast Registration:

ATNY is a top-rated educational studio offering professional educational programming.  If cast, a registration fee for rehearsals to performances will be required, and quoted based on regional venue rehearsal costs.

New York City: $1,295.      New Jersey: $995.     Connecticut $1,295.

If cast, you may register with a deposit or set up friendly payment options.  All Actors Featured.  Final Shows Professionally Taped.  Tickets available 10 days before show days.

Questions? Call ATNY, we’re happy to speak with you.  917.763.1777

*Actors Technique NY actively includes, and strongly encourages, performers of ALL ethnicities, persuasions, orientations, identifications, and abilities in the audition and performance process.

'NEWSIES' Registrations
New Jersey Rehearsals
Select a date to begin:
Friday Starting Oct 13, 2023
3 Months, As Called

Call 917-763-1777


    * Class Credit Applies to New Face Registrations Only.