College Prep Class: w/Admission Counselor Guest w/Final Monologue Taping Option

Age 14 & Up
Saturday, Sep 28 - Dec 07
Sunday, Sep 29 - Dec 08
519 8th Avenue
12th Floor
New York, NY 10018

We hate to see you go, but we know you must.  So, let us help send you off the right way.  Many of our Teens are applying to College and hoping to become accepted to their respective Schools of Dramatic Arts.  In this 1st time class, Paul will be your instructor and it will be entirely monologue based.  We know most schools require 2 monologues, either comedic/dramatic differentiation or classical/contemporary.  In either case, you’ll need 2 monologues, about a minute long, to be filmed and sent.

We ask you to research the schools you may want to apply to, and check in on their admission requirements.  We also ask you to come prepared with monologues of choice.  This class will help you become well prepared with each of the monologues you bring to class.  So, attendance is a must.  At the end of the semester, you have the option to allow ATNY to help tape your monologues, for an extra nominal fee.  You may decide at the beginning of the semester or closer to the end as to whether you’d like a taping.

As a bonus, ATNY will also provide a virtual hour with an admission counselor from a prestigious drama college program.  Whether this program be a choice of yours or not, you’ll be able to ask questions and listen to what a college looks for with each applicant.  A very informative session for all who attend, and we invite parents to ask questions as well.

College Prep Class: w/Admission Counselor Guest w/Final Monologue Taping Option
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Saturday Starting Sep 28, 2024
9 Weeks, 3:00pm-4:00pm
Sunday Starting Sep 29, 2024
9 Weeks, 3:00pm-4:00pm
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