Improvisation for Stronger Acting; Your Most Important Class!

Age 12-19
Saturday, Apr 27 - Jun 15
Sunday, Apr 28 - Jun 16
519 8th Avenue
12th Floor
New York, NY 10018

In the words of Disney Exec Producer, Michael Feldman, improvisation is your most important class!

Confidence, Spontaneity, and the power of YOU! As we transition from child to teenage actors, our feelings of self-consciousness and fear of being embarrassed tend to activate every defense mechanism in the mind, body, and voice. Consequently, the walls come up and we turn into safe versions of ourselves, suppressing every natural and instinctual urge to be funny, silly, and real, at the risk of appearing flawed or simply (gasp!) human.  But, if you’re taking the craft seriously and/or currently auditioning, this must not come into play.  You must be able to take big chances and leave it all in the audition room.

Our Teens Improv class is the safest environment to take the biggest risks! It is one of our most popular classes because it’s less about doing (performing, acting, forcing) and more about being. Strengthen your auditions by being comfortable in your own skin! Get out of your head and trust yourself, as you learn to make solid choices and go with your gut.  This will lead to wonderful moments in your acting, as some of the best lines and choices in movie history came from the willingness to improv in the moment.



Improvisation for Stronger Acting; Your Most Important Class!
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Saturday Starting Apr 27, 2024
7 Weeks, 11:00am-12:30pm
Sunday Starting Apr 28, 2024
7 Weeks, 11:00am-12:30pm
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