Improvisation for Stronger Acting: Trust Your Impulse. Become Unpredictable.

Age 7 - 9
Sunday, Apr 28 - Jun 16
Pearl Studios
519 8th Avenue, 12th Fl
New York, NY 10018

It’s the most important class your child will take.  Acting is a mirror of life and your acting must look as spontaneous as your life tasks and communications.  This means you must trust your instincts and react to your scene partner and surroundings without filter.  Observe and React.  You shouldn’t know what’s coming next, so concentrate on the moment….and react.

One of the most common responses that befuddled parents give when they are told their child is a little shy and reserved, is: “But you should see her at home! She sings, she dances… She’s a rock star at home!” In fact, they have captured the spirit and teaching foundation of our Kids Improv class: We’re all rock stars when we’re at home. Through interactive games that encourage teamwork and group-mind development, the Kids Improv classes focus on getting students to a level at which they do, indeed, feel at home, and are comfortable enough to be their fun silly selves.

And for the ones who already have no problem breaking out of their shell, we work on “harnessing” that energy, and being able to manipulate those expressive tendencies by allowing things to happen organically rather than forcing the joke, going for the easy laugh, or trying to be interesting in some way.

Together we play, think, and share the spotlight. We learn to be respectful of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and to be fearless and free, as we discover the truth in comedy.

Improvisation for Stronger Acting: Trust Your Impulse. Become Unpredictable.
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7 Weeks, 12:30pm-2:00pm
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