N.J. TV/FILM ACT & AUDITION INTENSIVE (2-Class) w/ NYC Top Agent Showcase

Age 7 - 17
Friday, Feb 02 - Apr 05
Gary Stevens Martial Arts Studio
One Main Street (at Train Station)
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

It’s an ATNY 2-Class Special in Glen Rock!  Join us every Friday for 9 weeks, when we’ll be starting off with an hour of Improvisation, then move into TV/Film scripts.  ATNY is broadening its scope in New Jersey, as we expand our offerings to New Jersey Talent during the week.

We’ve been doing this in NYC for the better of 20 years, with great success.  Now, you have the ability to have an intensive program in your backyard.  Well, kinda, you have to come to the studio!  Your day is all improv in real life.  For your acting to be believable, it too must look spontaneous, or all improv, like your thinking, saying and feeling it impulsively.  It doesn’t matter if it’s stage or TV/Film, it must be real, and believable.  We’ll encourage you to take chances and get out of your head.  Don’t wait for the safety net in your acting to jump…..Jump and the safety net will magically appear.


  • 4:30pm-5:30pm – Improvisation, Impulse & Spontaneity
  • 5:30pm-7:00pm – TV/Film Scripts & Marketing Clips
  • Final 9th Week Industry Showcase in NYC

Actors will get a 10 minute break for a brief snack.  No meals in the studio.

* No Classes Good Friday, March 29th



N.J. TV/FILM ACT & AUDITION INTENSIVE (2-Class) w/ NYC Top Agent Showcase
Select a date to begin:
Friday Starting Feb 02, 2024
9 Weeks , 4:00pm-6:30pm
  • Friendly Payment Plans by Phone
  • 917-763-1777
  • Email Info@ActorsTechniqueNY.com
  • No Classes Good Friday, March 29th

    * Class Credit Applies to New Face Registrations Only.