On-Camera TV/Film Act & Audition
Kids & Teens (Star-Royale Theatre)

Age 7 - 19
Saturday, Feb 04 - Apr 01
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Star Royale Theatre (Formerly, Rhino Theatre)
247 Wanaque Avenue
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

Star-Royale Theatre (Formerly, The Rhino Theatre) Welcomes Actors Technique NY!

ATNY is thrilled to be joining The Star-Royale Theatre for this series of On Camera TV/Film Classes.  We get to bring our years of expertise to the magnificent young talent in Pompton Lakes, and we can’t be more excited!  Camera acting, unlike the performance element of stage acting, needs to be honest and real and all times. The camera doesn’t lie.  Real is relatable. Real gets callbacks.  Elevate your audition level by being comfortable with being truthful in front of the camera and making meaningful eye-contact. In this class, students learn to incorporate a sense of self, and let go of all things performance, and over-the-top theatrical and artificial mannerisms.

Top Youth Acting Coach and owner of ATNY, Todd Etelson, is bringing his 20 years plus experience in TV/Film to SR!  Todd is a backstage youth expert and has published over 15 articles in how to proceed this this business.  His close friends are the agents, managers and casting directors you need to meet.  In this special winter series of on camera classes, actors will learn the subtlety of on camera, both in comedy and dramatic acting, as we explore naturalism and realism.  From monologue to scene, young actors will work on two pieces of material during the course of this series, and be well prepped for a final industry day.  This class series will incorporate the dynamics of Meisner Technique and Improvisational study.

10-Total Weeks, including final industry showcase.  (9-Weeks Classes)

On-Camera TV/Film Act & Audition
Kids & Teens (Star-Royale Theatre)
Select a date to begin:
Saturday Starting Feb 04, 2023
10 Weeks (Incl Showcase), 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Call 917.763.1777

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