(2) Broadway Academy & TV/Film Intensives
Discounted Price w/2-Class Registration.

Age 7 - 19
Tuesday, Oct 11 - Nov 29
Drake Media Studios
270 S Service Rd #55
Melville, NY 11747

Get NYC Comprehensive Training in Long Island, once a Week and SAVE!  Yes, NYC training is coming to Long Island during the weekday, and it’s a comprehensive option, TV/Film and/or Broadway!

TV/FILM ACT & AUDITION:  These 8 weeks will focus on proper Meisner Acting Technique, through monologue and script study.  Actors will learn to incorporate a sense of truth and what makes a scene interesting and different.  We’ll start with monologue and character work, then move to both dramatic and comedic scenes, with real TV/film scripts.  Actors will enjoy playback on camera, and learn the importance of putting all focus outside of themselves. Improvisation and Meisner technique will be emphasized. Parents may sit in final class, as we invite industry to watch final filming.

BROADWAY ACADEMY: Over the course of 8 weeks, you will navigate through all aspects of musical stage performance, with Broadway Performers and Producers leading the way, in the most comprehensive program in Long Island.  Through contemporary scene-work, musical numbers, choreography, theatre games, and individualized exercises, performers will be challenged every step of the way, to explore their weaknesses and augment their strengths.

Whether you have professional stage credits, or you are just getting your feet wet; whether your specific challenge is stage presence, vocal flexibility, body language, conveying information, mastering powerful storytelling, or coming out of your character shell; the focus is to take you as an INDIVIDUAL within the group and bring you up to YOUR next level – or the next three levels. Every single person will be extremely focused on in creative ways. No hiding in the background or easy rides here! We will prove that hard work can be awesomely fun. This class series will culminate in a funny, moving, and powerful Showcase Performance.

*Includes optional industry showcase in December in New York City.

Broadway Nights will be taught by one of the original Producer’s of Broadway’s Matilda, as well as a current producer of Mr. Saturday Night w/Billy Crystal.  And, wait for it……..as it’s coming in 2023…..co-producers for Sweeney Todd w/Josh Groban!  Get ready, tell your friends, and get in early.

(2) Broadway Academy & TV/Film Intensives
Discounted Price w/2-Class Registration.
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    * Class Credit Applies to New Face Registrations Only.