On Camera TV/Film Act & Audition Technique Comedy & Dramatic Scripts

Age 11-13
Friday, Sep 28 - Dec 07
Sunday, Sep 29 - Dec 08
Pearl Studios
519 8th Avenue, 12th Fl
New York, NY 10018

Whether it’s their first time in front of the camera or they already have some on-set experience under their belts, Tweens will always be influenced by the shows they see on TV, or by whatever goes viral on a seemingly daily basis. This can often mislead the younger viewers to think that hamming it up for the camera is more entertaining than being truthful and organic in your expression.  Your agents and casting directors know and can see the difference.

Our Tweens On-Camera class explores the fundamentals of honest and truth-centered acting through a variety of comedic and dramatic monologues and scenes.  Nothing is planned or canned and every moment is and should be different.  Every time they do a monologue or scene, they should be exploring a different version of the moment, all the while, understanding that the stakes are hight and there’s something they need in the scene.

For auditioning actors, they will learn where and how to focus in front of camera.  Classmates will be partnered with script and provide help with monologues.  Young actors will learn to explore and observe, crucial elements in all scene work.  There should and will be a succinct difference in the understanding and quality of the student’s acting ability over the course of the 9 weeks.

ATNY Final Semester Showcase is now Optional and Separate from the semester.  ATNY will bring in 10 Industry Professionals, Agents, Managers and Casting Directors, and host them in 3 separate rooms.  Actors will have the option of selecting 2 rooms of choice to audition. All Current TV/Film Fall actors will receive a coupon code for a discounted showcase.

Current ATNY Fall Actors:  75        Non-Current Fall Actors:  145

Class sizes will be limited for quality.  We encourage families to register early to ensure a seat.


On Camera TV/Film Act & Audition Technique Comedy & Dramatic Scripts
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Friday Starting Sep 28, 0204
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9 Weeks, 1:30pm-3:00pm
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