Private Acting Workshop w/Generation Model Management

Thursday, Sep 28 - Sep 29
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Virtual 50.00

In this special 1.5 hour workshop, all young actors and parents are invited to learn about what it takes to give strong auditions, and hopefully, book a few more jobs!  There’s definite things to know, and be confident with, for your child to give a credible audition, whether by tape submission or in person.

For either day below, the link is the same.  You may register a 2nd time if you’d like to attend both days.  

Thursday:  7pm – 8:30pm Or Friday: 7pm – 8:30pm

Emails with Zoom Link will be sent one hour before Workshop.

On Camera acting involves very little acting.  Most actors tend to want to ‘indicate’ a feeling or emotion.  Inasmuch, most young actors believe there’s a certain way to do a scene.  This is false.  The scene is yours to do whatever you wish with it.  So, why not make it unique and interesting?  Different means you’ll be remembered.   Also, you never want to do your scene as you practiced.  Why?  You’ll learn in this workshop.

I invite you to bring a monologue or commercial copy with you, or I’m happy to work on short lines with you that I will provide.  We’re only 2 days away, so you wouldn’t have time to memorize anyway.  Parents should listen in to the comments, and stay for a brief Q/A.  The price is right, and the virtual time will provide great value.  My respect for Patti is immense, and your commitment to her should begin with keeping up your training and marketing.

*If you feel you get something out of this session or want to continue with in person classes in NYC or New Jersey, please look on the website for the on camera and improvisation classes on Saturdays or Sundays.  These classes are for you, and we’d love for you to jump in and get the consistency you need to absorb and remember.

Private Acting Workshop w/Generation Model Management
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Thursday Starting Sep 28, 2023
1.5 Hours, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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