Speech & Diction for Actors
Articulate. Convey. Connect.

Age 9-19
Tuesday, Sep 26 - Nov 07
7:00pm - 8:00pm EST
Online 345.00

Fawn Irish has been teaching speech & diction for over 20 years.  Her acting credits include 2 Broke Girls, Ally McBeal, The Bernie Mac Show, General Hospital, and more.  She began working with kids with speech issues after attending UCLA.  Speech Pathology has become a passion of hers. Her goal is for every child to speak with confidence and be secure knowing that they can get their words out clearly and be heard. Through a series of exercises and evaluation, this class will focus on each child’s speaking ability to articulate, speak clearly and convey thoughts in a legible and clear manner.

First to Third Class: Words games and exercises to see where the speech concerns lie for the young actor.  We work through the alphabet, the speed in which you speak, and other speech issues or impediments that may be apparent to the listener. Continue to work on stutters, mumbling, swallowing words or sentences, speaking too quietly, etc.

Fourth to Sixth Class: We work on questions so they learn to speak and think quickly while still making sure the listener understands what they are saying.  We begin to incorporate monologue and scene to be sure speech is appropriate for either presentational or audition purposes.

Actors may bring script or copy into the final 2 classes. No Class Halloween, October 31st.

Speech & Diction for Actors
Articulate. Convey. Connect.
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Tuesday Starting Sep 26, 2023
6 Weeks, 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST
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  • No Class Halloween, October 31st

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