Speech & Diction for Actors. Articulate. Convey. Connect.

Age : All Ages
Tuesday, Feb 13 - Mar 19
6:00pm - 7:30pm EST
Online 350.00

Let’s clear it up now. In this 6-week series, we welcome younger actors who are experiencing speech & diction issues.  Should we have a smaller class size, we’ll go an hour.  It’s time to:

  • Stop Swallowing Words & Sentences
  • Enunciating Clearly with Consonants & Vowels
  • Work on Speech Impediments, Fast Talking
  • Learn and Speech Proper English

Fawn Irish has been teaching speech & diction for over 20 years.  Her acting credits include 2 Broke Girls, Ally McBeal, The Bernie Mac Show, General Hospital, and more.  She began working with kids with speech issues after attending UCLA.  Speech Pathology has become a passion of hers. Her goal is for every child to speak with confidence and be secure knowing that they can get their words out clearly and be heard. Through a series of exercises and evaluation, this class will focus on each child’s speaking ability to articulate, speak clearly and convey thoughts in a legible and clear manner.

We explore sounds with a lot of word games.  We start with word games and alphabet tongue twisters to figure out the letters that need to be addressed. We work on tongue placement to ensure the words start coming out correctly and we love to see how excited the child becomes when they begin to say the words correctly.

We want to build confidence in them so they know what they say is being fully understood.  We ask them lots of questions to see how they speak in full sentences to see if speed is getting in the way of understanding what is being said or if any stutters, lisps, mumbling or any other speech issue is evident.

We take lots of notes in the first class for each student to know what words and letters to address and I write personalized sentences for each child to work on their individual particular issues. Each week when new issues arise and they do we add those to my list for each child.  I want every child to walk away with assurance that they are speaking correctly and are proud of it.

Speech & Diction for Actors. Articulate. Convey. Connect.
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