Teen Actor Intensive
2 Classes Per Day, Your Best Value

Age 12 - 18
Saturday, Apr 23 - Jun 11
Sunday, Apr 24 - Jun 12
3:00pm - 5:30pm EST
Online 1050.00

ATNY’s 2-Class Intensives consist of 2 Career Building Acting Classes that are necessary for a young actor’s growth and career. When you register for the 2-class intensive, you automatically save bigtime on the 2nd class. If you have an ATNY Youth Membership, it’s even more savings! Each class plays into each other, and the skillset enhanced with each will propel your acting understanding. It’s also a great personal experience, not to mention a great ATNY experience.

2-Class Teens Intensives consist of 2 Single Classes w/ 2 Exclusive ATNY Coaches.

  • On-Camera TV/Film Scripts
  • Improvisation for Confidence & Spontaneity

Lessons from each class tie into each other, and students –consciously or unconsciously- take aspects of what they learn in one class, and apply them to another. As their approach continues to evolve and progress through the influences of each class, their education experience becomes more and more comprehensive.

You may register for single classes if you like and you’ll grow immensely, or get the effect of 2 classes altogether, not to mention the full ATNY experience! And… it’s your best value. Prices reflected represent an early discounted incentive to register.

Registration: 1,050 (Friendly Payment Plans by Phone)

Teen Actor Intensive
2 Classes Per Day, Your Best Value
  • No Classes Memorial Day Weekend
  • Call us to learn more: 917-763-1777

    * Class Credit Applies to New Face Registrations Only.