Our kids are constantly booking television & film and gaining agent & manager representation. Thus, they would be too many to list below. If you’d like to read the many letters we receive from parents speaking to the growth of confidence and talent, as well as our continued guidance and personalization, please inquire. We’d love to share those with you as well.

Here are a few of our Young Actor Success Stories:


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Crown Vic (Movie) with Alec Baldwin

"I have learned so much from classes with Todd, like beat changes and emotions. I used to do my scenes all as one emotion and now I can bring more depth and complexity to my scenes. I also learned to act with emotion and not to fake over act!"

Oceans 8 (Movie) with Sandra Bullock & Sarah Paulson

"ATNY is like family to me! I’m always excited to go to class! My teachers are amazingly supportive and caring. They really know how to bring out my best abilities as a performer by making the process fun! I get to play games and I’m always making new friends. Plus, I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people in the business. I’m so happy I found ATNY!!"

The Luring (Movie) with Michaela Sprague

“ATNY is an insanely unique, welcoming, helpful program that I came into nervous at first, but now I feel I have developed not only life long friendships, but a whole new family. Todd and the teachers work countless hours to make sure we learn to relax, develop our acting abilities and even loosen up as people. I enjoy every minute I spend in their classes because it doesn’t feel like school or work. You’re still learning a great deal about acting and about yourself. I am forever grateful for what I have learned. I know I couldn't get the opportunities I have gotten without the ATNY team.”

F.B.I. (CBS), Creator: Dick Wolf

One of the most important things I learned at ATNY is bring myself to every role. Also, I like how improv pushes me be fearless and be willing to try different stuff.

Genius: Picasso (National Geographic) with Antonio Banderas

Violet spent 11 days in Malta for this amazing project. She is a recent student at ATNY. Her improv ability and fearlessness makes her a must watch. She has gained the insight as to how best to play character and her auditions are stronger than ever.

Irreplaceble You (Movie) with Christopher Walken

I started at ATNY at 7 years old. I'm now 10 and do private coaching with them and some classes. I do a lot of modeling too, but because of ATNY, I'm really confident with my film auditions. I've booked a great movie and want to do more. The classes are great because I get to explore and express myself and have the chance to work with professional coaches. I especially love the on camera filming, monologues and improvisation classes.