Our kids are constantly booking television & film and gaining agent & manager representation. Thus, they would be too many to list below. If you’d like to read the many letters we receive from parents speaking to the growth of confidence and talent, as well as our continued guidance and personalization, please inquire. We’d love to share those with you as well.

Here are a few of our Young Actor Success Stories:


Calling all ATNY students! Share your success story for a chance to see it promoted here on our website or in social media.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Luke is a Professional Dancer and was recommended to ATNY for a private coach & taping by his manager. Very coachable and took direction well. Unbelievable! He booked a major TV series, we're proud of him!

The F*ckit Bucket (Netflix)
Guest Star

ATNY built my confidence. It taught me how to act while I made friends at the school. Todd pushed me to the max with acting and it was never sugar coated. He's still my coach and friend and I'm grateful.

Up Here (Hulu), Co-star

ATNY not only taught me how to be a holistic actor, but a holistic entertainment professional as well. I'd like to profusely thank Todd, and every member of the ATNY team for giving me the tools required to be a working actor. ATNY helped me secure representation, which took my career to new heights. Classes are incredibly welcoming, warm, and fun, all while being intense work that develop you as an actor.

Life by Ella - Apple+

I coached with Todd and Actor’s Technique when I first started out in acting and further down the line when I had auditions. The classes really taught me to come out of my shell and make bolder choices. Without Todd, I wouldn’t have the agent that I do. Each private class I took is enriching, and focuses on small details that improved my acting from a young age. Todd is amazing, and I always consider him my mentor.

The Piano Lesson, Broadway
w/ Samuel L. Jackson

ATNY is an amazing acting school. Jurnee learned so much on how to expand her character to adapt to all types of characters and acting styles, from drama to comedy. ATNY has helped her meet other like young professionals and build her confidence and further her desire to know this is what she wants to do with her life. I cannot begin to say how grateful we are to have met Todd, he truly cares and wants all kids to be successful. Thanks ATNY, can’t wait for the opportunity to take the next class because in acting the learning to be better never stops.

Reboot (Hulu)

At ATNY, I’ve learned how to become a character, and how to listen to a scene partner. It has taught me that acting is really reacting and that has helped me become the best actor that I could be. ATNY has also given me the opportunity to be exposed to loads of agents and managers, which has been a really great experience.
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